At Oconee Metal Recovery we serve everyone-from the individual scrap metal seller to major manufacturing operations. No job is too large or small!

We also offer various styles and sizes of containers for delivery, including roll-off boxes, 40' trailers with sides, flat bed trailers and bins of various sizes depending upon the needs of our customers. A representative from Oconee Metal Recovery will be available to call on you and outline the services we can provide. Together we can work out an efficient plan to handle your scrap generation and maximize values. If needed, we can provide a scrap handler mobile crane. This crane is equipped with a magnet and grapple and can be a real asset in assisting in clean ups. We always welcome new business and look forward to working with you.

What We Buy Non-Ferrous Metals: Light Copper Insulated Copper Wire Copper and Brass Turnings Red & Yellow Brass Auto Radiators Electric Motors Aluminum Scrap: Sheet Aluminum Aluminum Cans Rims Aluminum Siding Plate Aluminum Structural Aluminum Cast Aluminum Transmissions Scrap Steel: Cast Iron Heavy Machinery Heavy Steel Light Sheet Old Appliances Plate and Structural Steel Slitter Coils Steel Turnings Motor Blocks Stainless Scrap All Grades - New Production and Used